Peter Goodman Yoga Intensive

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Yoga Intensive with Peter Goodman

September 2018

StudioB Copenhagen/Søborg

Experience Peter Goodman Yoga in September in StudioB, Søborg by 

Rosenkæret 13, 2860 Søborg. Free parking and close to bus. Café Grannys right around the corner.

Price per open class is DKK 499,-  (approx. 67 Euro)

Sign up for 3 or more classes and get 20% discount –> USE COUPON: all to get the discount

I.e. 3 classes: DKK 1299,- (save kr. 200,-)

Are you not from DK? You can use your Mastercard or American Express to sign up.

Max. 10 people in each class.

Monday September 17th 

5-6:45 pm The Pathway To The Heart

kr. 499,- Sign up here

The practice of allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are. This workshop is focused on really opening to each moment and seeing ourselves clearly and authentically. 

A place where both shadow and light reside. Tonight will be a well-rounded general asana practice infused with teachings from the heart. 

Level 1/2

7-8.30 pm. SOLD OUT Awaken The Strong Mom Body: Hugging the Midline

8.30-10 pm. SOLD OUT Awaken the Strong Mom Body: Hugging the Midline

Tuesday September 18th

10-11.30 am SOLD OUT Awaken the Strong Mom Body: Hugging the Midline

5-6:45 pm OPEN CLASS The Grounded Heart

kr. 499,- Sign up here

Foundation is key to feeling safe to move forward and create the kind of lives that we want to live. The hips are often where we hold all our unprocessed hurt, guilt and even anger. These unprocessed emotions can block us, in every way, physically, emotionally, and energetically. This practice is about moving into these places and opening up.A practice of seated twists, forward bends, hip openers, and pranayama. 

Level 1/2

7-8.30 pm. SOLD OUT Awaken the Strong Mom Body: Hugging the Midline

7-8.30 pm. SOLD OUT Awaken the Strong Mom Body: Hugging the Midline

Wednesday September 19th

11-1 pm OPEN CLASS Magical Heart Master Class (advanced)

kr. 499,- Sign up here

Anusara Yoga is a practice of the heart, filled with spirit, community and maintaining a commitment to your body’s awareness for good alignment. Let’s come to the mat today and explore some fun… maybe we’ll dance a little, sing a little and for sure we will dive into a deep asana practice. Maybe you’ll explore a new pose; maybe you’ll experience a deeper sensation of the poses you already ‘get,’ but for sure we’ll have fun, we’ll explore and go deep into the heart.

Intermediate/Advanced Level

5.30-7.30 pm OPEN CLASS The Uplifted Heart

kr. 499,- Sign up here

All around us nature expands and radiates with beauty. No matter where we are with our practice it can be a way of expressing beauty through our actions. This is how we join in with the unending flow of Life. Come and play as we weave and uplift our way into backbends.

Level 1/2

BIO – Peter Goodman- Yoga

Certified Anusara® yoga teacher, YA-E-RYT 500, YACEP

Peter has a playful spirit and loves to share this path of delight through his teaching of yoga.  He has been practicing yoga for 25 years and has had the great honor and pleasure of travelling worldwide to study with many great yogis in many corners of the world. He is passionate and sincere in offering students a place to journey to, a place filled with stability, freedom and integrity in alignment yet never forgetting the joy filled love of life, the highest teaching life offers! He has a special love for teaching safe and healing alignment and The Art of Yoga Adjustments. Peter teaches worldwide and offers private instruction as well as group trainings for teachers and the more serious student. Concurrently he has served as a guide and mentor to many along the way seeking his life earned wisdom and support as they go through major life changes.

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